ProAcademy Series: Geek Boot Camp

There are many types of geeks, but specifically we'll be covering topics that relate to basic electrical theory, and topics that are directly related to the audio video industry.

Star Trek geeks might think that resistance is futile, but it's actually power divided by amperage squared... or voltage squared divided by power... or... well, you get the point.

Welcome to the Geek Boot Camp!

In this video, we won't be running any obstacle courses or doing any push ups, but we will be covering some fundamentals that will no doubt pay dividends for many years to come as you work in the Audio and Video field.

   - Introduction
   - Electrical Units of Measure
   - Ohm’s Law
   - Volt Drop & Amplifier Loss
   - Series vs. Parallel Circuits
   - Signal Types & Connectors
   - Decibels
   - Troubleshooting
   - Maintenance

   - Cable Coiling
   - Multimeter Use



ProAcademy Series: Event Lighting

Lighting helps set the stage for any event. People’s mood, attitude and even confidence can be affected simply by how a room is lit. Lighting helps to create atmosphere.

For nearly 20 years, Ben Stowe has been building, selling and teaching professionals across the world about lighting and sound for live events.

This video explores the basics of how lights work, different types of light fixtures available as well as goes into detail of power management, DMX, programing of lights using software controllers and much more.

What you will learn:

   - Introduction
   - Psychology of Light
   - Lighting Basics
   - Power
   - Fixture Types
   - DMX
   - Programming
   - Application
   - Marketing Your Lights

   - Impact of Lighting
   - Fixtures
   - Stunning Effects
   - Selling to Clients

   - Laser Tips and Techniques


"WOW!!! Ben has produced an amazing tutorial for lighting. He has succinctly detailed and explained the many applications, components and electronic uses regarding today's most popular lighting products.

This tutorial offers a very easy to understand overview that allows even the most technically challenged end user (like myself) the opportunity to gain helpful insight into the complexities of lighting design. He breaks down all necessary information in a very easy to understand manner.

I find this tutorial as very beneficial and thorough in the way it has been produced. Finally, there is product that offers useful information for lighting design that is equivalent to the many products that offer educational instruction for sound equipment, business management and talent based education.

I can easily see this DVD tutorial as being the Rosetta Stone or Video Professor equivalent in our industry for DJs who are seeking to gain valuable insight into the technology surrounding lighting design.

Larry Williams / Author
Mind Your Own Business"


Color/150 minutes
Executive Producer: Timothy J. Larson