ProAcademy Series: Geek Boot Camp

There are many types of geeks, but specifically we'll be covering topics that relate to basic electrical theory, and topics that are directly related to the audio video industry.

Star Trek geeks might think that resistance is futile, but it's actually power divided by amperage squared... or voltage squared divided by power... or... well, you get the point.

Welcome to the Geek Boot Camp!

In this video, we won't be running any obstacle courses or doing any push ups, but we will be covering some fundamentals that will no doubt pay dividends for many years to come as you work in the Audio and Video field.

   - Introduction
   - Electrical Units of Measure
   - Ohm’s Law
   - Volt Drop & Amplifier Loss
   - Series vs. Parallel Circuits
   - Signal Types & Connectors
   - Decibels
   - Troubleshooting
   - Maintenance

   - Cable Coiling
   - Multimeter Use


"Getting the best sound quality and performance out of your system requires a number of elements that need to work in harmony. Often we need a nuts and bolts overview, regardless of our level of experience. The new DVD in the ProAcademy Series: "Geek Boot Camp", was produced to do just that. Irregardless of your status in the world of commercial audio; experienced, novice ,or wannabee, you will find this series educational and entertaining. It includes practical, easy-to-understand information for anybody who aspires to work in professional sound reinforcement . We can't all have degrees in Electrical Engineering, but we can get a copy of ProAcademy Series: Geek Boot Camp." Michael Buonaccorso, Mobile Beat Magazine
Author of “A Different Spin”


Color/65 minutes
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